Patent B2 – the ability to the relative flight

What is that on flight? :

The flight is a discipline of team aimed at creating several figures.
You will finally be able to go to many! You the joys of sharing in your sport.

To get there, you will need to learn how to move relative to the others in the sky and drop several flat safely.

The B2 patent requires a minimum of 8 jumps to be validated. We therefore propose an internship on a few days.

team of flight relatif__ 8 world champion france

The program:

  • -control of outputs attached or not
  • -do the level (i.e. Mount and desendre)
  • -inform the proximity (forward and backward)
  • -Introduction to the discipline of competition in VR2
  • -work of separation (i.e. derive and know safety regulations)

The course will also be the opportunity to check your level under sail, to help you better fly your glider to land gently, and if necessary upgrade, the theory on release rules, separation etc...



  • -Be owner of the patent A and B
  • -Have a minimum of 30 hops

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