The cockpit under veil

It is important to feel at ease under sail, and arise in all conditions. We can therefore help you to progress regardless of your level or your size of sail.

On the other hand, if your goal is to learn how to put your sail in overspeed, you are also at the right address. We can also teach you how to 'send'!

Thomas under sail 2

Different exercises:

We are for the teaching of the swoop, whatever the level of the person who so requests. Course exercises will be adapted at your level and the sailing you use:

  • theoretical principles
  • grip of a sail, stall, different types of turn
  • Circuit, landing accuracy
  • First posed in overspeed
  • Envoyade

Generally, we give the course under sail free of charge to our students during coaching jumps.

But if you want a custom only course for progress under sail, don't hesitate to contact.

This summer, two internships are already planned:

  •  1-June 5: training course organized in partnership with Eric Philippe (Sushi).
    3 supervisors for 12 students for 5 days (4 mini) there are approximately 8 square. The opportunity to discover flying under sail, progress, see confirm with Sushi.


  •  Training under sail from 18 to 21 August: intermediate, beginner level, still 5 places available.