The formation of future monitors

The formation of future monitors:

training Cap

Examinations of the BPJEPS entrance Tests:

Height now 5 years of experience in training of monitors CAP, 10 years and more than 4,000 jumps PAC, approximately 1200 hours of flights of beginners in blower and blower also monitors trainer, Thomas always applied the same method: it adapts to the person in front of him.

After a first jump of heating to evaluate the work to do to achieve your goal, the training can be divided into 3 parts:


If there are gaps, or additional needs for the CAP, Thomas begins by filling because a lack of technique you inevitably stop to realize the necessary approaches to manage a student (or a false student).

-Decomposition of labour in Cap:

  • output hooked
  • close free flight of the pupil and placement
  • communication
  • catching up to the top
  • catching up down
  • flipping
  • sheathing

-Training in terms of examinations:

Once ready, Thomas realizes examinations, with a growing difficulty typical jumps. Often he exceeds the maximum actual review dificulty to bring you flexibility, physically and mentally.

Note that during this whole process, it also mentally prepares you because this parameter is equally important for the success of your exam.

It is difficult to give an exact number of jumps for this kind of training because it depends mainly on your technique and your experience, but we always try to minimize the number of hops for a coaching on the ground at the most effective.

For now, all candidates that Thomas has trained have passed their examinations input or end the 1st time and we are very proud!

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