The Wingsuit flight

The WingSuit:

Followed by a patent Wingsuit 1 federal level

The practice popularized this discipline is fairly recent, as well as coaching. Your goal is to start the wingsuit to evolve towards base jumping (discipline than practical Thomas), or develop your pure technique of aircraft, it was very interesting and very effective to be coach.
The wingsuit, it is not necessary to follow every jump, but a briefing and debriefing to all the breaks is a big asset to advance more quickly and safely. Then the addition of a debriefing on video allows to better visualize what is done with its wing, knowing that light details can completely change the profile of the wingsuit, this becomes necessary in its evolution.
Thomas is one of the initiators WingSuit recognized by the Fédération Française de Parachutisme.
For internships wingsuit of initiation, we offer rental of wingsuit excellent brand French sflyequipment. Their fare is EUR 5 rental by jumping or 20 euros day.

the wingsuit was classified into 3 categories according to their size and fix:

I refer you to the excellent site that identified all brands and models and teamed them with their corresponding class.

For each class of wingsuit, there are corresponding patent to have the right to use it.

 Level 1:

Prerequisites for this module:

  • 150 jumps (or 120 jumps in the last 12 months)
  • Patent B2 and B4

The objectives for this module are the following:

  • initiation exit plane
  • flight in a correct finesse
  • space flight management
  • Open safe

 Level 2:

Prerequisites for this module:

  • Level 1
  • 20 jumps of wingsuit category 1
  • Patent C recommended

The objectives for this module are the following:

  • Master output plane
  • turns
  • climb / descend
  • control space flight management
  • control of the opening

 Level 3:

Prerequisites for this module:

  • 500 jumps or 80 breaks wingsuit category 2
  • Patent C

The objectives for this module are the following:

  • Master output plane
  • finesse max flight
  • max speed flight
  • tight turns
  • control of the opening


The course includes a full half of theory on the specifics of the wingsuit. It will also be the opportunity to check your level under sail, to help you better fly your glider to land gently, and if necessary upgrade, the theory on drop in wingsuit rules, separation etc...

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