Wind tunnel

The wind tunnel, a beneficial tool for all levels:

8 years of coaching experience in the wind tunnel and with over 1500 hours inside this free fall Simulator, Thomas will be able to make you progress efficiently.

You are in train to follow training cap, without ever having tested this Simulator, or already a great experience with a very good level, Thomas will bring you, through its method based on the movement, a new vision of education. There motto to actually "coach" in a wind tunnel. He will share his experience in pedagogy, propose you exercises tailored to every moment.

His technique gives him a major asset to follow you throughout your journey. The sessions are always briefed and débriefées, with the help of the video.


There is not a single method but an infinite number of students to adapt. I try to change my teaching as often as necessary to ensure that you always have the feeling of progress in your flight through the different exercises. I have the luck to have seen and coached thousands of people in the wind tunnel, and I have observed hundreds of coaches around the world. This allows me to offer you as much static coaching (a position in particular study) dynamic (loose trajectories through different positions).- Thomas
FreeflySchool made this video for people interested in the wind tunnel, so as to visualize the different positions.

Next Tunnels Camps:

 Varvosie FlySpot 22-25 October 2015: 675 Euros/h

New: The tracking of progress sheet

I try to always evolve coaching in the wind tunnel down to the last detail and I found that it lacked a "jump book" that you have a record of your progress and a document certifying your level if you want to fly elsewhere only in a tunnel where one does not know- Thomas

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